Why, oh why?

desktop-3271746_1280Right then, here we are. This seemed a good idea, in my head. “Psh, just start a blog, it’ll be fun,” I said to myself. And why not.  I have eternally been known, by my nearest and dearest, for having an analogy for pretty much everything in life. It has always helped me make sense of the situations that I don’t understand. Or when I am trying to explain something to someone else, it just helps create that missing connection, I guess. So hey, if it helps me,  it can help others too. It’s like how good it feels when you just sit down with a friend and just talk through stuff. That’s what I want this to be like. Because let’s face it, life is an amazing ride – no doubt about it – but geez it can be a tough ride too.  And I think it is often in those tougher moments that we sometimes need another way of looking at things to either ease our emotions or to bring a bit of clarity to an otherwise overwhelming situation. And I think analogies have a way of creating a emotional disconnect from the moment, enabling us to take a much-needed step back and look at the whole picture.

So let’s see how this journey goes. Hopefully between us we shall see things a little clearer. Nothing dramatic, nothing earth shattering, just a little clarity when needed. Because sure you can drive with a dirty windscreen, with smears, dirt and long departed buggy carcasses adorning your view, we all do it….But isn’t it a far more pleasurable ride when you flick that magic stick or button by your driving wheel, inadvertently spray the people in the car behind you and bring some crystal clear clarity to your road ahead? Yeah, you know it’s true.  So ’till next time, Sunshine.

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