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The handwritten letter. A thing of legends. What an absurd notion: having to find paper and pen and using your entire hand, not just your fingertip, to write down a full update of your happenings. Oh gosh. Then have to find a stamp and mail it? And wait, you’re telling me the receiver doesn’t even get the letter for a couple of days at least? What is this insanity you speak of?! And sometimes people send them for no reason at all; just to make someone’s day? That’s it, you must leave straight away and take your outrageous ideas elsewhere. Yeah, that pretty much verbalizes the looks I get when people see me writing letters these days. Makes me smile every time.

Yes, I admit it, I still write letters. Quite a few of us do actually. I know a rather fabulous lady who sends out a letter once a month to one lucky unsuspecting person. I’m pretty sure she takes as much delight in sending it as I’m sure the person receiving it feels. It’s like that feeling when you find a clutch parking spot close to the front when the car park is seemingly full. Or like when you unexpectedly find money in a pocket. Or that feeling when you wake up your usual time only to remember it’s the weekend. That is the feeling someone gets when they receive a letter they weren’t expecting.

So, no deep and pondering post today, just me challenging you to give someone that feeling. Do it for no reason except to know you have made someone feel like that. If you can’t think of someone to write to, there are some wonderful organizations who reach out to people who may need that feeling more than most. Start at the Write On Campaign for some ideas. I know, I know, its one more thing to do in your day. But you know what, I’m pretty sure taking 5 minutes out of your day to spread a little happy will be so worth it for you as much as the receiver. Just try it. Try it just once at least. Be the reason someone’s day is a little better. Go get your karma on, people.

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  1. Dawn-Marie

    Love this idea – nothing quite beats that feeling of sorting through the bills and seeing your own name handwritten on a little rectangle of paper!! Thanks for the reminder to pick up a pen and pour out some positivity!!

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